Brother Ink Cartridge (Compatible)

Please check out our Pricing / Compatible Printer Model Table below.
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Ink ModelUse For Brother Ink Cartridge Mode:Price w/gstPicture
LC-67 BLACKDCP385/585CW/490CW/5490CN/5890/6690 SGD $16.05
LC-67 CYANDCP385/585CW/490CW/5490CN/5890/6690 SGD $10.70
LC-67 MAGENTADCP385/585CW/490CW/5490CN/5890/6690 SGD $10.70
LC-67 YELLOWDCP385/585CW/490CW/5490CN/5890/6690 SGD $10.70
LC-73 BLACKMFC-6510DW/6710DW/6910DW SGD $16.05
LC-73 CYANMFC-6510DW/6710DW/6910DW SGD $10.70
LC-73 MAGENTAMFC-6510DW/6710DW/6910DW SGD $10.70
LC-73 YELLOWMFC-6510DW/6710DW/6910DW SGD $10.70
LC-38 BLACKDCP-145/165/MFC250/290 SGD $16.05
LC-38 CYANDCP-145/165/MFC250/290 SGD $10.70
LC-38 MAGENTADCP-145/165/MFC250/290 SGD $10.70
LC-38 YELLOWDCP-145/165/MFC250/290 SGD $10.70
LC-39 BLACKDCP-J315W/J125/J220/J415W SGD $16.05
LC-39 CYANDCP-J315W/J125/J220/J415W SGD $10.70
LC-39 MAGENTADCP-J315W/J125/J220/J415W SGD $10.70
LC-39 YELLOWDCP-J315W/J125/J220/J415W SGD $10.70

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